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Cover der CD

In February 2020 KAIROS Musik released the CD "Samuel Andreyev: Iridescent Notation", which Maren Schwier recorded together with the Ukho Ensemble in 2018.

The CD was extremely positively received by the critics - you can find some excerpts from the press reviews here.

The CD can be found on all common streaming services such as Spotify, AppleMusic, Deezer and many more, but you can also get a first acoustic glimpse here with the help of the player.

Details about the CD:

SAMUEL ANDREYEV: Iridescent notation

Contributors: Dina Pysarenko , Maren Schwier,

Ukho Ensemble Kyiv , Luigi Gaggero

Composer: Samuel Andreyev

Publication: February 2020

Label: KAIROS Music

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